Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Waffler

Now I’m rethinking my colors for the CC. Should I do all scrappy for blue, whatever neutral lights I have for the cream and pink for the red? Hmm…

The pros are that I would be able to go through my Ziploc bags of scraps (sorted by color) and get rid of a lot of stuff and process whatever else is in there and really get a handle on the little stuff. Another pro is although I want to try a pink and brown quilt, I’m not sure I want one that’s 80 x 80. A third benefit (although implied) is that the entire thing could most definitely come from stash.

The cons are that I am waffling and I don’t get a pink and brown quilt right now.

I so cannot wait for this insurance exam to be over. It’s next Thursday the 24th and I am taking the 25th as a mental health day. I plan to quilt all weekend long. DH is in total support of this. I think the only getting out we may do is to quilt shops to drop off fliers for the quilt show, so everything will be quilting related. I so need this weekend.

So back to CC. If you’re reading this, let me know your thoughts.

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