Thursday, January 10, 2008

CC - Step 6 revealed

Let's just say, based on Step 6 being revealed, that I think I want to swap where the pink and brown will be in my blocks and where the purple and green will be in Kim's blocks. I want a predominately pink and cream quilt and I want Kim to have a predominately purple and cream quilt, so we shall see what else happens with this quilt.

No, I haven't started cutting. Life got way to crazy over New Year's and being sick did not help. Add to that the fact that the quilt show is in 2 months and my 2 quilts aren't ready and you can see what's going on in my life. But I am SO itching to start this quilt!

Maybe this weekend. It will be my Spring 08 quilt. I start grad school next week, so if I can do one full projects plus UFOs each term, I will be pleased as punch. I study a lot and sew a lot. I was already doing my MBA when we moved, (so I have to start over) so I have practice on how to balance school, work and quilting.

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