Monday, January 28, 2008

Carolina Crossroads - cutting has commenced!

I actually dipped my big toe in the water! As I was cutting all of my piano keys from 1.5” strips, I saved everything that was greater than a square and less than the smallest key I needed, which was 3.5”. So I have some 9 patch squares going! I’m so excited!

I also found a lovely pink batik that I may use as the focus fabric. I want to see how much of it I have. I remember I bought whatever was on the bolt. Here’s hoping it’s a lot, like 3+ yards.

I want to make the quilt longer, so I need to make one more ring row and one more star row. That means I will have to make 9 extra blocks total. So I spent some time on that math as well.

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Anonymous said...

It's nice to know that I won't be the only one doing this one *after* the reveal. :o) I decided to do it today after I found about 70 3" blocks already done that will work for one of the steps. Now I need to find some more fabrics. . .