Friday, January 11, 2008

Week 2

Goals for Week 2:
Pictures into guild for show
Crayons quilted:

What I got done:

Friday - I do not even remember. I did go to the doctor and get some antibiotics, so I bet I slept the rest of the day.

Saturday – Went up to Crest Hill and met up with my bee and did some quilt show stuff. DD sewed 2 rows of her 100th Day of School quilt.

Sunday – Worked on the black crayon. Sandwiched the orange crayon. Finished the last 4 broken dishes blocks made from waste triangles from my snowman/snowball quilt. I plan to use these blocks for the January table runner.

Monday – Finished yellow crayon. Started orange crayon.

Tuesday – No sewing, but I did make some headway in my very cluttered house, so that helped out from a mental health point of view.

Wednesday – all of the orange crayon until I ran out of thread. Boo.

Thursday – I fell asleep over my insurance books.

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