Thursday, February 28, 2013

March Goals

As I mentioned in my February wrap-up post, I’ve been sandwiching.  Right now I have 6 items ready to quilt and finish, and they total over 32 yards, which is short of my Lenten goal, but still really darn good.  (As an aside, I’m doing well on the crochet and knitting goals as well for Lent.) I also want to average about 1.5 UFOs finished per month and right now I have 1, so by the end of March I need another 3.5.  Well 4 of the 6 are UFOs, so that helps too!

So without further fuss, here are March’s goals:

Quilt and Bind (done done):

Easy Street
Easy Street Mini
Easter Carrie Nation
Easter Carrie Nation Mini
Blue Boxy Stars
X’s and O’s Blue Boy quilt (unearthed while cleaning)


Orca Bay – Progress.  I would like the top done.

Beau’s – The first part of the top requires making what I am calling the columns.  I would like the columns made.

Homework – Since none got done last month, I will keep current as best I can.  I will double up or divide between March and April as works best for each assignment.

5 LCRR blocks – I never finished a set for a swapper and she still has one of my sets.  There are 20 blocks total, so I am doing 5 per month.
Just Takes 2 (JT2) – I diligently saved all the downloads last year for me to make them this year.  My colors are unbleached muslin and pink.  Since by the end of April there needs to be another 26 blocks made, I will do 11-23 in March.
String Blocks – Many of these were done as homework last year.  Since the quilt will be 30 blocks, I am taking a third of what is made, making enough more to get to 10 blocks, and joining them together into two rows, as the blocks are QAYG.  I will do 2 months’ worth this month.
Color Challenge Sampler – This is actually 2 challenges in one.  One is a color challenge and another is a monthly free sampler off of someone’s blog.  I’m combining the two.  No clue at this writing on the February color.  Or the March color or block.  I will do both this month.
Yellow Log Cabin / LCRR – Completely undo one row and start sewing the top together.  I will do what I can in light of the rest of the stuff.

BOMs – These I’m caught up on. Easy to maintain.

Also I need to finish 2 crochet things and 1 knit thing.  These are moving along as I would hope.

And I need a table runner for a gift basket.  Since this is a donation, I do not feel bad about starting this new thing during Lent.

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