Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Report

First things first, I passed my insurance exam.  2 down, 3 to go.  Then it’s time for a new sewing machine!

February was the non-sewing month.  I didn’t get a darned thing done.  Not one finish!  Between the insurance exam, Girl Scouts and cookies, DD’s birthday and life in general, it just didn’t happen.  I was hit by migraines twice that were so bad I got sick and had to take off work. 

The last few days / week, I’ve been working on sandwiching quilts.  So here’s the status of stuff.

Easy Street – Done done. 
Actually the top is done and it’s sandwiched.

Orca Bay – Progress.  I will be happy if it is sandwiched and somewhere in the quilting process. 
Not too much progress and that’s OK.

Blue Boxy Stars – Done done.  This was in January’s homework pile; I’ve budgeted 2 months for this one, so now it’s time to finish it! 

Beau’s – Started.  Nancy, Near Philadelphia hosted two lovely swaps, a quilt for Miss Melanie and Ashley’s quilt.  If you know anything about Gone With the Wind, you can see where I got the name Beau’s quilt.  I hope to combine all these blocks, pieces and parts together into a very large quilt for my king sized bed that holds two pretty fluffy people!  Any start on this will make my day!
Got an idea! 

Homework – none of that got done.

5 LCRR blocks – I never finished a set for a swapper and she still has one of my sets.  There are 20 blocks total, so I am doing 5 per month.
Just Takes 2 (JT2) – I diligently saved all the downloads last year for me to make them this year.  My colors are unbleached muslin and pink.  Since there are 4 Tuesdays in February, I will do 11-18.
String Blocks – Many of these were done as homework last year.  Since the quilt will be 30 blocks, I am taking a third of what is made, making enough more to get to 10 blocks, and joining them together into two rows, as the blocks are QAYG. 
Color Challenge Sampler – This is actually 2 challenges in one.  One is a color challenge and another is a monthly free sampler off of someone’s blog.  I’m combining the two.  No clue at this writing on the February color.
Yellow Log Cabin / LCRR – Completely undo one row and start sewing the top together.

BOMs – These I’m caught up on.

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