Sunday, February 10, 2013

Feb at the 1/3 mark

Yeah, it’s been a less than stellar start to the month.  The month started on a Friday, which was fine, but the Saturday and Sunday were not spent in central IL, so those were non-quilty days.  Monday was a crazy afternoon and evening involving a 65 miles roundtrip to the LQS for my BOM blocks, GS cookies and a GS meeting. 

Tuesday brought a migraine that did not quit until Thursday late afternoon.  Not much of anything happened.  Thursday night I went to a local school and helped a bunch of little Girl Scouts sew for a service project.  And now we are up to today, which is the 8th.

My goal for this weekend, besides yet even more Girl Scout stuff (sensing a theme?), is to clean my house / basement and sew.  I want to accomplish a few things, but I’m not sure which things so here’s a stab at the list.

Finish all blue boxy stars blocks
Make blue boxy stars top
Sandwich blue boxy stars
Color Challenge Sampler – this month’s color is purple and the block is a Jacob’s ladder.  Since it’s only 2 blocks, that will be do-able.
Ripping on the yellow LCRR

Then for next week during the work week, I hope to quilt on the boxy stars a bit each day, and then work on things in block-quantity order.  So next up would be a 3 block BOM, then the 5 LCRR blocks, then the 8 JT2 blocks, and lastly the 10 string blocks.  I should be able to keep chipping away at Orca Bay as a leader-ender during all of this.  I won’t get all of it done, but at least there is a plan, and after a day at work, that’s what I need.  I know I will have 2 nights away next week, so if I get to the JT2 part, I will be pleased.

I also figured out a plan for Beau’s quilt.  There are HSTs and 4 patches from the Ashley quilt that I will set on point.  The 4 patches will be on point in a long column, with the 4 patches filling in the spots.  The even out the edges on each column, I will use the plethora of 6.5” squares I have from Miss Mellie’s quilt.  Imagine making a Jacob’s ladder block, setting it on point and then trimming it off.  I hope to have a blue column, a brown column and a mixed column.  We shall see what we have.  I am excited, that is for sure.  My goal this week is to sort things into piles and lay them out to confirm I like it.

I'm posting this on Sunday evening.  My weekend has not been as productive as planned from a quilting point of view, but I am OK with that.  I have an insurance exam in 10 days ans I am on pace with my studies.  Tonight I hope to watch the 2 hour Downton Abbey and sort through some of the Beau's blocks and maybe do some hand work.

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