Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Feb at the 2/3 Point

So now we are at the 2/3 point for February and this month has been abysmal.  I mean, I haven’t sewn a stitch it feels like.  I have done a lot of crochet.

Tomorrow I have an insurance exam.  Here’s hoping I pass.  Let’s say I do for the sake of conversation.  That give me 8 solid days of quilty time.  I have got to get a lot done in that time.  I have pulled out the Easter Carrie Nation top that is done so I can get that prepared for quilting as well.  The Blue Boxy Starts top is pinned together and I have done some sewing on it.  I found a mistake with a 4 patch in Easy Street.  You can see how this has been going.

So bring on Storm Q and may we get a snow day on Friday.  That would be the awesome.

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