Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tax Day!

Although I am an accountant by education, today is not a big day for me. Years ago, one of our governors (who of course is in prison, because I live in IL) took away my ability to do taxes for others and I could not have been happier.

So instead of filing extensions and seeing clients all day, I had a Girl Scout meeting. In case you didn't know, I am a troop leader for a bunch of 5th grade girls who are frankly just wonderful. It was a great use of a Sunday.

Last night, I sewed up a storm. I got 2 dozen BRB blocks done, bringing my total to 4 dozen. I need 12 dozen. I also quilted on the Huge Fence Rail and got really far.

Tonight I am going to quilt. I hope to finish the quilting on the Huge Fence Rail and then to layout and maybe assemble either the top or the bottom of the St. Pat's LCRR. I'm going with a zig zag / streak of lightning setting.

This next week does not look promising for quilting. Each night is packed, whether I like it or not. Monday is Girl Scouts, Tuesday is overtime, Wednesday is a dinner, Thursday is a dinner, Friday is the local circus (ISU has the nation's oldest collegiate circus). So Saturday and Sunday are prime quilting days. I hope by the end of next weekend, I have the St. Pat's quilt all quilted.

Then it would be make and attach bindings to everything.

It's great to get some quilting done. This is where so many projects stall out.

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