Wednesday, April 04, 2012

April is #10

3 posts in one day - yes, I know!

Well, April is #10 according to Judy, so into the #4 box we go. And what do we have?

Box 4

4a Diamond Shapes – Die-cut diamonds and no focus. Status: In pieces.
4b Valentines – Lots of nickel charm packs in this one. Status: Most blocks completed.
4c Purse Pack – A package of fun and different fabrics that I bought. Status: In pieces.
4d St. Pat’s LCRR – Making this one for the month of March of course. Status: Blocks completed.

What delicious fun!

My April goals are as follows. I have 2 days off this month, and I have stuff going on for each of those days, but I should be able to get some sewing time in as well.

4d St. Pat’s. Goal for this week would be to get the top done and get the thing sandwiched for quilting
4c Purse Pack. Just fun. I’ll see what I need to achieve the mission.
2b Huge Fence Rail. Quilting in progress.
5b Australia quilt. Quilting in progress.

This would give me 4 finishes and that would be huge.

Other items:

1b Xmas BOM. Into a flimsy.
4b Valentines. Into a flimsy.
Mary’s BRB. Done.
All t-shirts done.
32 QAYG blocks done (have more than 24 I believe).
All caught up on Chiclets.
26 Jeanne’s Diamonds. Into a flimsy.

This is a crazy amount of things, but I am already progressing down the path. I’m off on Friday, so the goal by the end of Easter weekend is to have the BRB and the St. Pat’s quilt both sandwiched. Then it’s a month of quilting.

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