Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Q1 in Review

It’s the end of the first quarter of the year and I’ve taken some time to look over what I’ve done and what I hope to get done for the year. I’ve made some modifications.

1. I wanted to make 8 QAYG blocks for all 12 months and make 2 donation string quilts from them. I will actually stop after 48 blocks are made and make only 1 strings quilt. This is in part because I’ve reached my string tolerance for the year, in part because I want to be successful and in part because I need to make string blocks for other things. I will set the goal of June to finish the blocks and then July to complete the quilt.

2. I have not stayed current with t-shirts, but that’s OK. I have 22 shirts total and 6 are done. I will set the goal of June to finish the shirts, which involves cutting out the flag part of the shirt, ironing it to interfacing and then cutting the remainder of the shirt into 1 inch strips. For the back half of the year I hope to finish the shirts into blocks and have a top done.

3. Sadly, I cannot cut myself any slack on the Chiclets blocks. I need to make 12 per month because I really need 144 blocks. 108 for bed quilt and 36 for a shower curtain. My window already has Chiclet curtains on it and frankly I love them. I wasn’t so sure and necessity was the mother of invention in that case, but I’ve decided to go for it.

4. I have added the 6 pay it forward quilts to my list and I will aim to get one done each even numbered month. I am behind already, having missed February, but I will catch up. It is nice to work on new things while finishing stuff up.

5. As of the end of Q1, I should have had 7 UFOs done and I have 3. By the end of Q2, I should have 13 done and I hope to be at that point by then. I use the number of paychecks I have received as my counter.

I am very encouraged about my progress. Things are getting done and that is amazing. Right now I have 2 quilts sandwiched and being quilted a little bit every few days. I have 2 items in my sights to be completed from the April challenge box. I hope to also finish one of the pay it forward quilts in April. I feel like there is some true momentum going on.

Most importantly, I’ve learned to say no. I have an occasion coming up where a quilt would be a lovely gift. But I have other gifting options and to drop my current plan and work on that quilt, which would require me purchasing everything, would frankly ruin my momentum. I don’t mind deadlines; that’s why I do the UFO challenges that I do, but this one would not be beneficial. So I am buying a gift instead.

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