Tuesday, April 30, 2013

May Goals

On to May.

I have a lot of goals for May, my main two being the upstairs of my house and the next insurance exam.  The story of my life.  But of course I have sewing goals.

I have 4 that will be done done this month.  Considering I am aiming for completing 12 UFO’s this year and I already have 4 done, this will double my total quickly.  It should also put me at about 46 yards for the 100 dash from stash, which is right about where I should be.  I wanted 2 more UFO finishes by the 4th of July and now I will have at least 4.

Easy Street
X’s and O’s blue boy
Blue D9P
Pink Boxy Stars

Other goals:

Thimbles BOM – finish top to flimsy stage; the back will be a Sister’s Choice flimsy.
Sister’s Choice – will use the Thimbles BOM to figure out how many Sister’s choice blocks I need.  For May, make all 9 patches, which I think is 49, last time I checked my math.
Orca Bay – the last seam is giving me fits.  Don’t even ask.  I would like this to the binding stage.
Bricks & Stepping Stones – finish the blocks.  This is harder than it seems.
Beau’s – make the center, which is the huge 25-patch, the coping border, the inner box (with the column units), the next coping border and the first round of Mellie’s quilt blocks around the outside. Also make more 9 patches and HST’s as needed.

Homework – I am woefully behind in homework, so I will try to ease back into it.  Since I have so many 9 patches to make, those will be my leader-enders for a while. 

LCRR blocks – done and mailed in May.
Just Takes 2 (JT2) – There are 4 Tuesdays in May which normally would mean 8 blocks, so let’s aim for 12.  We get as far as we go.

BOMs – I have 5 that I do.  3 are caught up. 1 is one month behind and the other is not so hot.  The goal for May is the get the first 4 caught up and maintained and do one third of the work on the one I am behind.

I am away from home 8 weeknights this upcoming month, plus one night is our anniversary, so we hope to do something fun.  I should be able to block and tackle this list pretty well if I am diligent.


Dar said...

That is a huge order for May. Good luck with all of them.

ANudge said...

Oh, my! I'm exhausted already and it isn't even May 1st. Wishing you lots of quilty time in the coming days.