Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Update

Y’know, April has not turned out sewing-wise so far as I had hoped! 

It’s OK.  I had another insurance exam and I will continue to have them in even-numbered months.  So I guess that helps me set expectations until I’m done with them.  I also have the urgent to deep clean again and really declutter.  What I have learned that if I leave the machine I quilt on set up on my kitchen table with quilts ready to be quilted, I alternate 15 minutes of cleaning with 15 of sewing and I get a lot done.  That is how I got through studying for this last exam and now Easy Street is done being quilted.  So I am just going to go on a quilting jag for a while and not worry about piecing except for BOMs where I have to show them my progress.  Don’t worry; in the heat of the summer I will be in my basement piecing non-stop.

So yeah.  I’ll do what I can.  Only one thing got done on my list and that is the Blue Boxy Stars.  It’s done done.

What did get done:

Easy Street – binding is attached.
X’s and O’s blue boy – binding is attached.

Not on the list:

Blue D9P – binding is attached.  When found, this one was just a flimsy.
Pink Boxy Stars – under the quilting needle.  When found, this one was just a flimsy.

And the deep cleaning has begun.

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