Monday, April 01, 2013

March Wrap-Up

So March is at an end and so is Lent.  I’ll get back to my Lenten challenge in another post, so for this post, I’ll talk about me and my March goals.

The following were quilted and bound:

Easy Street Mini
Easter Carrie Nation
Easter Carrie Nation Mini
String Blocks (down in the homework section)

Here’s the status on these 3 that didn’t make it.  At the beginning of March, Ted decided that he wanted to build his 5,000 piece Tower of London Lego set.  I really didn’t mind, and he and Renee each did a tower and they did it together.  However, such a set takes over the kitchen table.  So besides having nowhere to eat for about 3 weeks, I also had nowhere to quilt either.  I tried to quilt using my little Janome Jem, but sadly the large needle broke off and fell into the machine.  IT fell to the floor so its sews just fine, but now I am leery of trying that little adventure again.  So these 2 are exactly as they were on February 28: sandwiched and waiting patiently.

Easy Street
X’s and O’s Blue Boy quilt (unearthed while cleaning)

However on Easter I was able to get some quilting in, so Blue Boxy Stars is almost completed with its quilting. 

I also had 2 quilts in progress.  Orca Bay has its rows put together and only needs a coping border and the pieced border to go.  Whoo hoo – this was a long one!  Beau’s quilt had the goal of having the columns done.  I’ve changed the design once again and I plan to use the column units in a different way, but I did indeed make all the column units I could with the parts that I had from the swap.  I call these two projects successful for March.

Then there’s the homework.  This I was more than 50% successful with.

5 LCRR blocks – I did nothing on these and so I have 15 to do. 
Just Takes 2 (JT2) – I am caught up through March’s pdf’s.  This was no small task.
String Blocks – This was FINISHED!  Done done!
Color Challenge Sampler – Completed February and March so I am up to date.
Yellow Log Cabin / LCRR – Oh, I did nothing at all.

BOMs – These I’m caught up on. Easy to maintain.

Yarn efforts – I made progress on all 3 projects.  I see the finish line approaching for all 3 of them, so that helps.

And I didn’t need the table runner, so I didn’t make it.

So overall, I had 4 finishes, 3 of which were UFOs.  I also had a UFO finish in January, so I am ahead of the pace by 1 UFO, if I am aiming for 1 per month.  This is a good thing. 

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