Thursday, January 03, 2013

Short a Goose!

I knew I might be short a goose when I had an extra 2 * 3.5 black and white brick lying around.  I held on it it, just in case.  I'm glad I did.

I sewed for another 1.5 hours today (2 episodes on a TV show on DVD).  I got 6 of the remaining 7 B blocks done, but of course I couldn't get the last one done due to the missing goose.  I kitted up all the little parts and will sew that tomorrow.  I also finished sewing the centers of the rest of the A blocks, of which I had 13 left to go.

Tomorrow, thank the universe, is Friday, so I can hopefully get far on the blocks.  My goal is to have the top done, sans borders, by the time I go to bed on Sunday night.  I have a lot of things to accomplish between now and them, many of which do not involve sewing, so here goes nothing.  I am at least equipped with good DVDs.  I am technically ahead of where I wanted to be at this point in the work week, so that has to help.

I also figured out that I am at least #24 on the Queen's list.  I was declared on New Year's Day to be #25 and the queen has already abdicated, and I have no idea how many other finishes were in there.  I have no idea how quickly I can churn something out.  I do have Old Tobacco Road all sandwiched  which  is good, but it's small and I don't want to waste my small finish just yet.

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