Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Month End Report

OK, way back on January 1 or so, I picked the items I want to work on.  Here’s where I stand:

Old Tobacco Road – Complete!

My version is named The Three Sisters, as it represents corn, beans and squash, the three complimentary crops in Illinois agriculture.  My pieces are 75% of Bonnie’s size, and the quilt is generally smaller.  It busted 1.46 yards and hangs in my cube at work.

Easy Street – Progress

I had hoped to be at the point where the binding was attached, but I am not.  I need to put a 3 inch border all around it so it looks like it’s floating and then sandwich, quilt, etc. 

Orca Bay – Progress

Since Orca Bay Wednesdays (OBW) have returned, I have really made some progress on this one.  At year end, I had one fourth of the top put together.  Now I have a full half done, the rest of the star rows done and I’m working on the last little 3.5 inch string blocks to finish up the connector rows.  Any progress on this one is wonderful.

Yellow Log Cabin / LCRR – Status changed to Homework

I am trying the various techniques in the Marti Mitchell book Machine Quilting in Sections.  However, this has been a disaster on this quilt and I love the blocks too much to just finish for the sake of finishing.  Yes, this means I’m ripping and redoing.  So into the homework pile it goes.  Right now it’s in time out.


Just like it sounds; I assign myself homework.  This means I only have to do a certain amount on a particular project and then put it aside for the month.  I have 5 items in Homework status here in January.  I am happy to report that I am caught up with my homework!

5 LCRR blocks – I never finished a set for a swapper and she still has one of my sets.  There are 20 blocks total, so I am doing 5 per month.

Just Takes 2 (JT2) – I diligently saved all the downloads last year for me to make them this year.  My colors are unbleached muslin and pink.  Since there are 5 Tuesdays in January, I did the first 10 blocks.

Blue Boxy Stars – I found a bunch of 2.5” blue strips pre-cut, so I decided to make some boxy stars.  The 120 little blockettes are done.  Then I did 8 star blocks.

String Blocks – Many of these were done as homework last year.  Since the quilt will be 30 blocks, I am taking a third of what is made, making enough more to get to 10 blocks, and joining them together into two rows, as the blocks are QAYG. 

Color Challenge Sampler – This is actually 2 challenges in one.  One is a color challenge and another is a monthly free sampler off of someone’s blog.  I’m combining the two.  This month’s color was hot pink.


Yes I do BOMs too.  I like free ones or the ones where it’s bring your block at the appointed time and get your next block free.  I’m all caught up on these as well.

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