Tuesday, January 01, 2013

5 blocks done

I started on Easy Street and got 5 blocks done.  Since it is set on point, I did the 5 block row and now it's lying on my living room floor.  I hope to do 5 blocks per night, but with work, that is probably unrealistic.  I also finished all the side triangles, which I didn't get done last night.

I also made the backing for Old Tobacco Road and got it sandwiched.  I consulted with Ted and I think I even know how it will be quilted.  Whew.  Sometimes that is the hardest part.

I also found some blue 2.5 inch strips and so I started cutting them up for a Bonnie Boxy Stars quilt.  No idea where this is going; just making one for inventory.

I also thought for a while on homework and put it all on a post it in my sewing area.  No out of sight, out of mind if I can help it.

OK, so what can I get done between tomorrow night and bedtime on Friday night?  Let's aim for progress on the Easy Street blocks.  The centers are actually very easy for each block, so I may just line those up and get those done.  I also would like to get 5 boxy star blocks done and one long seam done on the yellow LCRR.

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