Sunday, January 06, 2013

Blocks are done

I did complete the blocks on Friday; it took about 3 hours just to do the last 13 A blocks.  When I sit down and try and estimate how much time the blocks took, I'm think somewhere in the 10 hour neighborhood.  I had to remind myself to enjoy the process.

I needed that 3 hours of quilting on Friday because work was a beyond stressful day.  We were accepting an accounting file into the accounting system for the first time from a new upstream system and it could have gone one of two ways: smooth sailing and done by 10am or we're working all weekend.  We ended up up working the weekend.  My part is done, but one of my programmers has pieces left to do.

I want to get the top done, sans borders, tonight, but there is a Girl Scout meeting to run.  We shall see.  There's a lot of football on and the return of Downton Abbey (which is thankfully on my DVR), so maybe I will be inspired to sew.

I also worked on cutting out more boxy stars.  When I sort through my precut blue strips, I decided to pull out all obvious prints - the airplanes, the trains, the flowers.  I want this quilt to just read blue.  So when I did all of that I only have 20 blocks and I really want 30.  So more strip cutting will need to be done.

Now on to next week - what are my goals?  I do know that I will be away from home for Monday night and I have to prepare for a large GS event on Saturday, so my time belongs there.  So goals for next week:  borders on Easy Street, backing for Easy Street, sandwiching Easy Street, something (anything!) on Orca Bay and continued work on the yellow LCRR.  On other fronts, 2 sessions in my bedroom and 2 chapters of insurance.

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