Friday, January 07, 2011

Results Part A, Week 1

Well, Part A of the week is over and it did not go as planned. Work, a migraine and Facebook games had an impact in that. I think my games and I will part ways soon. They are really becoming a time-waster, now that I have time to do whatever I want. Something to ponder.

I did finish all the string blocks last night. I thought I didn’t have any neutral strings at all. I still have bits left over! So that went well.

Here’s the status of Part A items:

Clue 5 – O blocks – still incomplete
Yellow scraps – still not sorted
Carolyn’s quilt – still not mailed

This afternoon starts Part B of my week. Because the baby of the co-worker is due to arrive at any minute, that project rotates to the top. So this weekend’s goals:

Second Hand Clothes – as far as I can get it
Clue 5 – O blocks
Yellow scraps
Carolyn’s quilt
WB quilt
XO quilt – mark and quilt white sections

I’m going to take a break from RRCB until Carolyn’s quilt and Second Hand Clothes are done. Since one is nearly done and the other should hopefully go quickly, it shouldn’t be too bad. B needs its threads snipped and then it can go into the inventory pile. I can accomplish that this weekend.

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