Monday, January 03, 2011

Part A, Week

Well, Happy New Year! I didn’t realize I hadn’t updated. Maybe because I was trying to get some sleep!

Things still going well on the quilty front. Working on the 30 O blocks – 20 are done. Working on string blocks. Working on binding.

Working on cleaning up my house. Oy, that is stressful.

My goals for the Part B of last week were:

Get Carolyn’s quilt to the handwork stage
Finish blue GFG flower
Keep working on Hugs and Kisses
Keep working on RRCB

Everything was accomplished.

Goals for Part A, Week 1:

Mail off Carolyn’s quilt – means it’s done done
Hugs and Kisses – Finish the 30 O blocks
RRCB – Finish the string blocks
Sort out all the yellow scraps

Again, Part A of my week is done on Friday morning. Part B will start on Friday afternoon (when my work week is done).

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