Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I actually believe in resolutions, if and only if you only have a few and you truly resolve to strive to achieve them.

So it is about that time. I need to figure out my resolutions for 2010. I think I have a few.

1. Read a chapter from Proverbs each day.
2. Pay off Ted’s student loan.
3. Participate in the Town and Gown 5k walk/run/whatever at Homecoming this October at ISU.
4. Lose xx pounds. Trust me, I know the number are will report in my % progress.
5. Do at least one of the Relay for Life craft Fairs.
6. Do 4 CPCU courses.
7. Bust 100 yards from my fabric stash.
8. Finish the project list. I actually went through a part of one of my myriad sewing spaces in my house and wrote down the first 25 projects I saw
9. Finish up cross-stitch projects during lunch.
10. Sew 6 hexes for my big quilt.

2010, bring it on.

Also, although many people are reporting that the first decade of this new century was abysmal, it was actually pretty good for me on a personal level. Let’s just start with DD arriving here….

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