Tuesday, December 01, 2009


My scheduled apicoectomy never happened. Believe it or not, the dentist called in sick. They asked if I wanted to reschedule for the next day. Instead of being a responsible adult and saying “yes,” I reacted like a kid who just got a “Get out of Jail Free!” card and said “no.” So yes, I still have mouth pain, and no, I don’t care. It’s really just a dull ache that comes and goes. I am saving up to get it done with all cash, which will make me happier anyway.

Thanksgiving in KS went well – far better than I anticipated. New insights in interpersonal dynamics were revealed, which usually happens when 4 generations get together to break bread. That, and people have no problem ordering up a storm on someone else’s tab. And Renee lost a tooth on Thanksgiving at the restaurant. And I shopped at Penzey’s Spices in Overland Park. And then when I came home, I organized my spices. Don’t laugh. I have 77 different spices, and yes, they all get used.

On this trip, I actually used both of my Vera Bradley bags. Yes, I’m into Vera. I used my Pink Elephants mini hipster for things like the children’s museum and rest stops and the big purse came just in case. Anyway, I’m trying fervently to go back down to one purse. So I’m emptying the contents of both purses and now I’m wondering why there is a mini binder clip in my large Vera.

I now have only 1 final examination to complete and this joy of a term is finally, blessedly over. I do actually need to study for it however, so we shall see how that goes. I’m looking forward to the 4 weeks off and am making a list of things I want to get done that are making me nutso.

Quilting continues onward. I have started Bonnie’s bricks and stepping stones and I can do about 20 matchsticks in an hour. I need 190 matchsticks to get the size I want, so I have to really kick it until high gear. My mini goal is to have the top pieced sans borders by Sunday night.

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