Friday, December 18, 2009

OK, it’s only been 9 days since I updated. Only 9. Not too bad.

OK, that’s a lie. That’s pretty bad. I’m a neglectful blog owner.

Now down to updates and business.

School: Yes I am on break. And yes, by God’s great mercy and the powers of rounding (89.5% in one class and 89.8% in another) I received A’s in both of my classes. My group work in Marketing pulled me through – we received an A on that big, ugly project. I’m off until Tuesday, January 12. I have already ordered my textbook for one class. The other class is a simulation and that is not ready for purchase yet. So now I sit and chill.

Work: Work is going well. I am on projects that are interesting, challenging and are topics I have a passion for. While many people are off these next 2 weeks, I’m hopefully going to be able to meet with small groups to get details wrapped up on various odds ‘n ends. I also plan to get 8 chapters studied for my next insurance exam. Yes, when I am not in school I take insurance exams for work. One year I did both at the same time. My boss thinks I’m nuts. And then he signs off on every tuition request and exam fee I have. And laughs.

Quilting: That has been back in full swing. I have completed the Bricks and Stepping Stones top, added (wavy) borders, sandwiched it, and quilted the body. I need to quilt the borders, trim and attach the binding tonight. The quilt is to be delivered as a housewarming present tomorrow at 5, so any stitching on the binding I can get done tonight is a welcome help.

Sunday, Renee and I are making stockings. I have an idea for mine and also for hers, but we’ll see if her idea and mine clash. I do not have an idea for Ted’s. Hopefully we can figure one out. I did go ahead and paid a ransom for quick shipping to get brass stocking holders from Lillian Vernon, so now I gotta make the stockings.

My goals between now and the end of the year are to make a denim square, clean up the denim scraps that are on all 3 floors of my house, rotate out the cross stitch project bag, start (if not finish) a reversible log cabin quilt (blocks are done – just quilting and finishing to be done), do the Dorothy Young mystery, and whatever else strikes my fancy. Come January 1, it’s random number generator time.

Resolutions: I’ve been thinking about these. One I believe I will try is to read a chapter of Proverbs each day. It has 31 chapters and lends itself to the daily read.

Cleaning: I have 2 major efforts this winter break. One is to make a stockpile list of food, etc, in case we get snowed/iced/frozen inside for 6 days straight again. Another is a list of 20 projects that need to get done. Some are very small and will take 15 minutes. Some will take an hour. Some will take a while. I need to get this list accomplished so that I can start the new term of school with these things done.

Christmas: OK, the hype behind this holiday makes me nuts. That said, the decorations inside are pretty much done, but my house is a mess for us to function in. I only need to bake for Sunday the 27th, so I have time on that. Presents are purchased, but stocking stuffers are not. So in every area, I’m like halfway there.

Tomorrow we celebrate the Schwitzner Sibling Christmas. That gets 4 of the 6 nephews done. We celebrate with my family on Sunday the 27th, which takes care of the last 2 nephews. I still do not know when Renee will see her grandmother. I still haven’t done Christmas cards. I need to grocery shop.

As you can see, I’m a bit scatter-brained. Marketing does that to a person.

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