Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sunday Morning Peace

I can tell it's summer - Ted and DD were up until midnight having fun. So of course, I'm the only one up and they are both OUT.

It's a gentle rain this morning in central IL. Right now, I hear an owl whoo-hoo-ing. That is very interesting.

My flowers made it into the ground yesterday, so I am grateful for the rain. We never quite made it to Peoria. We were really slow leaving the house and I told Ted there was nothing urgent, so let the day go as it does. We did make it up to Washington to that quilt shop and I did some damage. (I joined a quilt swap where the quilt is a called "A Quilt for Melanie Wilkes." How can I not join?!?!?!)

So today, there is housework and folding and laundry and homework. And getting ready for camp and tonight's cocktail party and hopefully some quilting.

Sorry for no pics yet - slept away Friday afternoon and did I need it. I had a migraine flirting with me and that kept it at bay.

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