Thursday, June 04, 2009

I suck

So much for my New Year’s resolution to update this blog. Whoops.

As I mentioned in a January post, I’m in school until essentially the fourth of July. It’s actually the 24th of June at 10pm, but who is keeping exact track?  Last night I had my summer class’ midterm. It seems to have a midterm after only 3 weeks of class, but that is the way it works. My spring classes ended well; I got an A in one (the boring one) and a B in the other. It was my first B in grad school and hopefully my last, but even so, as long as my GPA stays above 3.5 (I’m at 3.81), I continue to qualify for a grad student grant. I need that grant to pay for this whole endeavor!

Anyway, it’s been a dearth of quilting. I have been plagued for the last 4 months with what I describe as annoying illnesses – ear infections, strep, exhaustion and finally diverticulitis, which made me so exhausted, I felt like I did when I had mono. Don’t worry, I don’t have mono! But I have to go a week from tomorrow and have another blood draw done to confirm that I am on the mend and not suffering from thyroid problems or anything else.

So needless to say, quilting has just not been happening. I have suffered a bit from ‘I need to handle this one project before I can face anything else’ syndrome. I also realize that I want to piece, but there’s too much piecing lying around not turning into anything else. I also realize that I have a lot of projects out right now and I am being overwhelmed by them. And Ted’s crap is all over my space right now, and that is not helping things either.

So starting anew, as I am feeling better, the midterm is done and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel:

Goals for June:

Update at least one a week.
2 more potholders for Kim’s birthday on June 22.
Finish Ute’s round robin.
Finish the 2 curtain panels, wash backing, sandwich and zigzag quilt. Attach binding.
Pay Patsy for retreat.
Quilt chiclets quilt.
Sandwich Christmas BRB.

I know there’s more, but let’s just start there.

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SandyQuilts said...

Not sure if you watch or have ever heard of the new show, The Doctors, on CBS afternoons. Just this week they discussed nasal problems. The lady actually had a Deviated Septum.

Just a thought.