Friday, June 05, 2009

A Baby Step

Well, I had high hopes for last night. I did cut and wash the curtain panel backing. That makes a lot easier. However, I did not piece anything or look at Ute’s RR. Whoops.

I did, however, talk in depth with Ted about next week’s schedule and DD’s first week at camp. This is a new experience for her and so we are trying to manage the logistics. She also has expressed an interest in taking karate (the first time ever for a sport) (everything else has been our idea) and so we signed her up for those at $2 per lesson. However, they start Monday, so the first day of camp will be craziness.

So while sewing wasn’t accomplished, logistics and family time were, and that is never a bad thing.

So for this afternoon and tonight….

Piece the 2 panels (rows are done – just piece the rows)
Sandwich the 2 curtain panels
Kim’s potholders
Ute’s RR

Plus stuff like…
Menu planning
Grocery list
Brownies paperwork all done and filed away
Camp backpack
Dishes, folding, etc.
Call Kim

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