Tuesday, June 23, 2009

36 hours to go

Believe it or not, TOMORROW is my final exam in my accelerated summer class. I absolutely cannot wait. I have a roast in the crock pot and am making Italian Beef with it. One classmate is bringing rolls and cheese and another is going to KFC and buying a bunch of sides. I have a French Silk pie from Market Day in the fridge and we are all good to go for study group tonight. We had a study group the night before the mid-term 3 weeks ago and so we thought we’d do it again tonight. Works well for us.

Ted and DD (well, 99% Ted) cleaned up the main floor of the house so we can have people inside our house. It’s a detail. After work today, I can run home, water the plants (OMG, it’s 102 heat index or something crazy like that), do the last bit of tidying (15 minutes max) and get ready for company.

Unfortunately, I don’t think a lot of things on this week’s 10 in 101 goal list will get done this week, but hey, Friday starts a new week, one without class.

So as Scarlett says, ‘tomorrow is another day.’

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