Thursday, February 28, 2008

Week 9 Goals and Ramblings

I’ve taken Leap Day off to get my tetanus shot for grad school and also to take DD for her annual physical, so the rest of the time I hope to quilt like a nut! I really need to in order to make the quilt show, which is a week from tomorrow!

Week 9 Goals:

Crayon quilt done (except for handsewing on back)
Batik Lover’s done (except for extra quilting DH wants)

Friday goal:

All crayons done. 4 are quilted and 5 are not there yet. I need to get the other 4 quilted, cut all crayons to the same size, attach binding to the bottom of each crayon and to the tips of each crayon. I then need to hand sew down these binding pieces. Then I need to add binding down the side of each crayon as single fold binding. Then I need to sew the crayons together, using that long binding. And then hand sew those bindings down (which will most likely happen after the show).

Other stuff:

The Batik Lover’s quilt needs to have the top pieced (halfway done), sandwiched and quilted. I want to see from DH what he wants and do about half of it before adding the binding. I can have it half quilted to his desire in order to hang it in the show.

So overall, my main weekend goal is to have everything together and need handwork. Anything else is gravy. As it is, this is gonna be hard.

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