Saturday, February 16, 2008


Now I know why I've been in a funk. I have influenza! I did have the shot and I have a mild case, but still, it saps your energy.

I postponed DD's birthday party for today until March 1. Currently Ted is taking her to the mall and we will head out for an early supper at Chili's. I am just exhausted. I try to study for 15 minutes and do light housework for 15 minutes. I did that for 5 hours yesterday and then I picked up the living room of toys during the news hour at 5. By 7:30 last night I was in bed and promptly slept 12 hours.

So now it is all about pacing. I need to get through these tests this upcoming week, so that is my number 1 concern. I did allow myself to start on the bargello when last I sewed and I did get one panel sewn together, so now it needs pressing and cutting and all of that. The pain in my hands is unbelievable from the flu, so I may just progress on anything that doesn't require precision cutting. I can get pretty far I think.

So it's all about pacing and regaining strength. I think I can make all of my deadlines if I just take one bite at a time.

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