Tuesday, February 19, 2008

an actual quilty update

The flu and my hands are not getting along. If this is what arthritis feels like, y’all can have it! My hands ache something fierce non-stop.

I did take some time on Sunday at sew on the purple crayon. Each crayon has 3 steps: the braid, the sandwiching and the quilting (on each braid). The yellow crayon is all done. The orange one still needs some quilting, as I ran out of thread and have since bought more. The purple crayon needed to be quilted, and as of right now is ¾ of the way done.

The other 5 crayons suffer from the fatal design flaw and all need to be fixed, rebraided (can we all say ‘y-seams’?) and then have steps 2 and 3 done. My goal this weekend, and it’s been weeks since I had any quilting goals, is to get this stupid crayon quilt done. I work only until 1 on Friday, so that gives me Friday night. Saturday we need to go to Chicago, but I should be able to get something done that night. Sunday is DD’s kid party, but that is not at my house, so I am hoping that I can get more done Sunday night.

Mini-goal: finish purple crayon and orange crayon tonight. Sew 10 strips on the black braid and on the red braid. Unpick brown braid.

Let’s see how this goes. Recovering from this flu is like recovering from mono.

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