Monday, February 25, 2008

week 8

Um, yeah, I’m a bit behind. It’s now week 8 in my quilting universe. In the last 4 weeks, I’ve been taking 2 insurance exams for work, 2 exams for grad school, handling my DD’s 7th birthday and having influenza. So, not a lot of sewing going on.

However, the quilt show is in less than 2 weeks. I have got to get me rear in gear to get the 2 quilts I am hanging done. So I did actually quilt some this weekend – I worked on crayons.

So as of right now:

Brown – sandwiched
Red – piecing
Orange – quilting
Yellow – done
Green – sandwiched
Blue – piecing
Purple – done
Black – sandwiched

As for the Batik Lover’s, the top and bottom piano key borders are done and the side are half-pieced. The 2 bottom rows are pieced together.

Goals for this week:
All crayons quilted.
All crayons cut.
Batik Lover’s sandwiched.

After that, I really need to think about which way to go next.

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