Sunday, March 24, 2013

Quickly...and a finish

I did get a finish.  This is a table topper version of a Dorothy Young mystery that I did sometime after Spring 2003 and before Spring 2007, because I know I made the top while living in the house on Cleveland.  Dorothy offers these mystery quilts at Christmas, and I was dealing that Christmas with a small child and the demands of delivering her, in wonderful spirits at all times, to every relative that wanted to see her.  Not fair to her or me (or Ted, lest we forget him).  So after she went down that night, I took this out and made it.  I remember there was a James Bond movie marathon on TV as well to keep me company.  I thought it quite poignant to make an Easter quilt on Christmas.  The large one is halfway bound; it should be done this weekend.

The 6 little things are coasters made from the scraps.  All told, this used 2.60 yards and these of course are mine.

Nothing else really has happened.  I hope to get a lot done between now and Easter night.  Goals include quilting a blue quilt, finishing quilting a blue quilt, getting binding attached to both of those, finishing the big Easter quilt, finishing the Orca Bay top and getting caught up with homework.  Next week is Renee’s spring break and so there is a halt to all things GS.  I get a huge break.  I of course will continue to work on GS things, but I will not have to attend meetings, etc.  The idea of being home each night is lovely.  The 10 Commandments is on TV on the 30th and even though I have it on DVD, I will watch it on TV.  It is our tradition.  I hope to get to sit and handsew bindings through the whole thing!

It’s good to have goals.

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