Monday, March 18, 2013

QAYG Strings

Well, here it is.  This is the Quilt As You Go Strings quilt.  I said I had some insights.  Boy do I.

First of all, the block sizes are too large.  These are 12 inch blocks, meaning the center strings had to be over 18 inches long.  I don't have many strings in that length.  The next go around they will be smaller.  I am thinking to have some ready in 10, 8 and even 6 inch sizes.

Secondly, the QAYG method is wonderful.  I like the idea that when the block is stitched, it's done.  It uses up odd batting, weird backs and the like. That's a win.  Again, I will prep several in several sizes.

I also realize I am OK with piecing string blocks onto newsprint but never onto a fabric foundation.  Don't ask; I don't know either.

Thirdly, I am OK with the random colors of this, but I do favor string blocks in all one color.  Bonnie Hunter has so many patterns in string fling that work this way.

Lastly, I can tell I need to work on my joining process.  I do the type where there's a 1 inch strip on the back and a 1.5 inch strip folded over on the top.  Join two blocks together on the back and topstitch on the front.  This is the third quilt I have done it on.  I certainly have room for improvement.

This quilt used 7.40 yards of fabric and measured 71 inches square.  It has not yet revealed its owner to me.

What I have thought about as I discerned these revelations is that I need to sort my scraps.  I am devising a plan for that.  It will take away from sewing time but add to creative time.  Stay tuned.

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