Saturday, March 16, 2013

International Quilting Day Update

I did finish a new project – the Easy Street mini.  It used up .76 yards.  Yes, I now know that my 4 sitting turkeys should be orange with red wings and not the other way around.  But hey, it’s done and I like it.  Here’s a picture of it on my cube wall.

I am continuing to bind while watching Last Resort.  I am through 7 of the 13 episodes.  It is very good and I am sad it only had one season.  I don’t think it could have gone on for 7 seasons, but maybe 2. 

This weekend is very busy.  We went north today for a few things, so I bound another quilt in the car.  The strings quilt, which was homework, had actually progressed so far as to be ready to be hand sewn for its binding.  I am excited to be done with this one.  More insight into this project when I post the finish.  I need to snap a pic of it first.

In basketball news, my undergrad alma mater North Central College has advanced to the Elite Eight in D3 Hoops.  We are overjoyed!  D3 doesn't get a lot of press, but it's where athletes are academics too.  On the high school front, Jarabi Parker (who is considered the best player in high school ball in the nation) is currently leading his team to the 4A championship.  Parker plays for Simeon.  To give you an idea, Derrick Rose of the Bulls played for Simeon.  And tomorrow they announce the brackets.  (That I do not follow as closely.)

Why the focus on basketball?  Did you know that the Illinois High School Association trademarked the term March Madness long before the NCAA?  Now, they co-own it.  We love March Madness in central IL.

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