Monday, July 20, 2009

Week 30

07/20/09 – I just realized by reading the 07/07 post, that the goal was to have a meatless dinner tonight and well, the stew meat is already in the crock pot. Whoops.

We’re now somewhere in Week 30, and I have enjoyed and relaxed over these past 10 days or so. While Ted and Renee were both at various overnight events, I had a really bad 4 day migraine, but once that subsided (which is when Ted came home), I did start getting some things accomplished. Not all on my 101 list, but things nonetheless.

And now for my progress:

Sandwich curtain panels – Done! They are sitting upstairs near the sewing machine that can handle that heavy duty quilting.

Finish the green GFG flower – Done! I just decided (while waiting for my health meter to recharge on a video game – don’t laugh, OK?) to sew it together and call it a day.

Finish strips on the barnyard flower – Done! They are hanging at work outside my cube. There are 9 strips to a flower and I am sewing the fourth one on. I sew this flower at lunch.

Find the 2 books I want to read – Haven’t started to read. Walden is one and I still have not made it to the library. I may just read this Star Trek book that Ted gave me to read.

2 meatless meals – Half-Done! Got one done on 07/07. Total is 2 down and 7 to go.

Wannabees RR – Ute – Nothing done.

Wannabees RR – Julie – Halfway done. I have 4 pieced boarders to add and then they need a coordinating border to go with. That is all I can write – Julie reads this blog!!!

60 Mellie blocks – I have 40 done and am working on the next 10.

Review Ted’s CD purchases – Only 4 CD’s left. Ted bought Thriller while at ALA. It seemed like a good idea, with all the hoopla and such. So now we need 3.

Pay $120 to the student loan – this has not been happening.

Candles – Researched some supplies.

And lastly my goals for the time between now and Friday morning:

101 goals:

GFG Barnyard Flower – finish the fourth strip and attach the fifth.
The 2 books – Try to read twice this week on Thoreau.
Start DH’s 401k – Go through the big basket of paperwork and find what I need.
Pass CPCU 530 – Study through chapter 5.
Use up 100 yards in 2009 – There’s some yardage in the sandwiched pile. See if the Christmas BRB can be sandwiched this week as well.
Communicate with my DH’s grandma once a month – When I’m going through that big basket of paperwork, I will also pull out all of Renee’s school photos so that I can get those mailers ready as well.
Unrelated: Renew CPA Registration!!!! This only comes up once every 3 years and it’s due 09/30/09, so I thought I’d put it on here just in case.
Wannabees RR – Ute – started
Wannabees RR – Julie – mailed
60 Mellie blocks – 40 done – get to 60 done

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