Friday, July 24, 2009

Week 30 done - week 31 abbreviated

07/27/09 – It’s now the beginning of Week 31. On a side note, I certainly hope that all of you have seen the highlights of the fantastic PERFECT game thrown by Buehrle of the White Sox. If you haven’t go read about it right now. I’ll wait.

And now for my progress:

Sandwich curtain panels – I got one long column quilted. It’s a start.
For the barnyard GFG flower, I got the 4th strip on and have started on the fifth.
For the 2 books goal, I did start Walden. Like only 3 pages, but I started.
No meatless meals this week.
Wannabees RR – Ute – Nothing done.
Wannabees RR – Julie – Halfway done. I have tried to progress twice and screwed up twice.
60 Mellie blocks – I have 40 done and am working on the next 10. I need to buy some more fabrics.

Since I am headed up to Patsy’s this Thursday, I’m cutting off Week 31 on Thursday morning. Week 31 goals:

Quilt one curtain panel.
Pack for Patsy’s.
Start DH’s 401k – Go through the big basket of paperwork and find what I need.
Pass CPCU 530 – Study through chapter 7.
Use up 100 yards in 2009 – There’s some yardage in the sandwiched pile. See if the Christmas BRB can be sandwiched this week as well.
Communicate with my DH’s grandma once a month – When I’m going through that big basket of paperwork, I will also pull out all of Renee’s school photos so that I can get those mailers ready as well.
Unrelated: Renew CPA Registration!!!! This only comes up once every 3 years and it’s due 09/30/09, so I thought I’d put it on here just in case.
Wannabees RR – Ute – started
Wannabees RR – Julie – mailed
60 Mellie blocks – 40 done – get to 60 done

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