Monday, July 06, 2009

Week 29? 30? Bueller?

I’m not so sure what week it is, but here are my goals. I’m making this list to get me all the way to July 17. I am considering the July 17 to be the start of week 30 (to get myself back on track).

Sandwich curtain panels
Finish the green GFG flower
Finish strips on the barnyard flower
Find the 2 books I want to read
2 meatless meals

And here are some more goals:
Wannabees RR – Ute
Wannabees RR – Julie
60 Mellie blocks

And my progress from last week:

Review Ted’s CD purchases – I did check with him and nothing else has been purchased besides the Genesis packs. So we need to buy 4 more.

Pay $120 to the student loan – this has not been happening. It is very possible that I will not make this one by Ted’s 40th, but sometime in his 40th year.

Sandwich curtain panels – I actually got one panel sewn, so the process is beginning.

Finish the green GFG flower – I have only one white strip to sew on.

Finish strips on the barnyard flower – all done and waiting in my cube to go.

Find the 2 books I want to read – I actually have some thoughts on this. One is Walden by Thoreau. My sister gave me some other ideas.

Potholders – completed and given to my sister.

Ted and DD will be gone for a while, with everyone back under one roof on Friday, July 17, late that night. So I plan to get lots of annoying things done during that time.

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