Sunday, May 12, 2013

May - One Third Done

It’s one-third of the way through May and I have an update of course.

I have slowly started studying insurance, which is a drag.  I have also starting cleaning out the upstairs of my house, which is also a drag.  Bear with me.

On the sewing front, it’s also been slow going.  Part of it is because I am tired.  The weather shift has been hard on me and my migraines and so we are increasing medicine dosages and the like and it takes time to adapt to all of that.  Fortunately my most alert and productive hours are at work, as they should be.  I just wish I had a few at home as well.

The following two quilts are done done.

X’s and O’s blue boy
Blue D9P

I have started the sew down the binding on Easy Street.  I ran out of bobbin thread on the last quilting pass for the pink boxy stars.  Always the way.  So today when I get home from work, I will load up that bobbin, finish the quilting and I will not quit tonight until the binding is attached, and the quilt and the handsewing bag are in the car for tomorrow.  We are doing Mother’s Day tomorrow, so that means a trip to Chicagoland.  Plenty of handsewing time.

Saturday I am gone all day and Sunday technically should be mine, but there is insurance to study.  So I guess my Sunday goals are to wrap up all 3 baby quilts as gifts so they can be delivered on Monday, do 2 BOMs (just picked up those blocks) and the Thimbles top.  Once the Thimbles top is done, I can use those scraps to make the 9-patches for the Sister’s Choice blocks. 

Edited:  This was written on Friday and now it's Sunday.  I'm not done sewing down the binding because I had to be the driver instead of the passenger.  So I am doing that today, along with some cooking. I love to cook and am making 3 things I love and there will be leftovers for the week.

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