Sunday, May 26, 2013

2/3 through May

Now we’re two-thirds of the way of May.  And there has been some progress.  How about that?

Insurance studying has not progressed.  Guess what this weekend holds?  By the end of this weekend, I wanted to be at chapter 9.  I will aim to be at chapter 5.  It’s not great, but I will get there.  I also need to plant my garden, as it is finally the proper temp to do so and I got my plant starts from my farmer.  So I think I should worry about that.

For sewing, I am overwhelmed.  Actually I am overwhelmed in many areas of my life.  Many things are started and underway but no completions, so just works in progress and mess everywhere.  I need it to improve.  So for sewing, I am working on finishing the one quilt that needs its binding to be handsewn.  I am also organizing my scraps which are basically in about 20 gallon+ sized ziploc bags. 

I store my fabric that is in active rotation in milk crates under my sewing table.  I put two colors in a crate and each color has a ziploc for those pieces too small to be let loose in the crate.  Right now my goal is to interfile back all the scraps for one crate, plus any larger pieces that are lying around.  Then I will box up 4 to 6 projects into a box, label the box, put the box on top of the milk crate contents and shove the whole thing back under the table.  There are 6 milk crates and I hope to do one per week.  Yes it will take a long time but that is OK.

This week’s crate is orange and blue.  I am about two-thirds of the way through my scraps and already I can see the volume difference by putting away some blues!  I want to get this done by Thursday night, as my sewing week begins on Friday when I get home from work.  Green and red are up next and I know there are a substantial amount of reds to be put away. 

Just getting all the clutter somewhat organized and put away will help me focus I think.  I really need to just focus on some other aspects of my life right now besides sewing, especially since Renee will be done with school and away at camp.  I can really work on getting my house gone through!

So yes, I did have a finish in these past 10 days.  I did finish the pink boxy stars.  All 3 baby quilts were delivered but I have only received one thank you.  We shall see how this goes.

I have also completed about half of the handsewing on Easy Street.  Yay!  I am so thrilled.  I want this to be a May finish as well.  I also worked on some BOM blocks, which was nice.  A little time behind the machine never hurt anyone.

Goals for the rest of this month:

Finish Easy Street
Keep up with BOMs
Orange and blue milk crate
Green and red milk crate
Make sense of the cutting table
Make sense of the sewing table
Super Stars quiltalong -  a simple new start to keep me energized, which is really what I need

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