Sunday, May 08, 2011

1 week

What a difference a week makes.

AS I figured, I am much happier in my new role. Not everyone is happy about it, but I will get results and that is what is needed right now. The displaced party isn't very happy either, but neither would I be if the roles were reversed.

Today I ran to Home Depot and bought 3 big pots and 3 bags of soil. I got some starter plants this week from my farmer's sister, and so they need to get going. Renee and I will get some of that done today. There's more gardening to be done, but that will get done over the next 2 weeks. This is all I plan on doing today. I buy only for what I plan to do that day and that is all. That may seem inefficient, but I know myself and that is what I gotta do!

Last night, I did get 10 stars machine appliqued on to their white squares. Today I hope to do the BOM block and some swap blocks. I'm in two different swaps and I need to get these done.

And I'm studying insurance. Don't ask, but on Thursday, it will be done.

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