Wednesday, June 04, 2008

weekend preview

I made an executive decision about my exam and I paid $75 and moved it to October. I am greatly relieved. This was the main source of stress for the famous first 10 days of June, so now that this has been handled, the rest of life is falling into place.

Ted has been feeling better. It seems that after he hurt his ankle, the Percocet they gave him produced a ton of massive side effects which were all detrimental. So he needed another 10 days to recover from the Percocet. Now that he is well, he leaves on yet another business trip tomorrow morning. So he will be gone from early Thursday until late Sunday.

Now that I have no exam, my goal is to enjoy DD and get some stuff done. What gets done, gets done. No more, no less. Tomorrow we plan on going swimming after work/daycare and then going to La Bamba for burritos as big as our heads. Friday night I will make low key, just because that is my style. Maybe homemade milkshakes. Saturday, we plan to make homemade spinach fettuccine. Sunday we plan on going to church. Otherwise we will hang loose.

So how does all of this relate to quilting? I am nearly done with my mini-challenge. I wanted to finish 8 things and I think I will finish 4. Since this is my hobby, I will not beat myself up over this. This is actually pretty good, considering all that went on, including my root canal stuff.

So I hope to work on the 16 patches for the P&P. I also hope to finish lasagna #2. I see that the resolution to the OC has been posted by Bonnie and so of course now I am spurred to continue. I also have the next mini-challenge planned, even before this one is done. I’m such a nut.

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Amanda said...

Oh, well done you. You seem to have made exactly the right decision about postponing your exam and sound so much better. Have a great few days - and enjoy!!!