Monday, June 09, 2008

Second Mini-Challenge

Second Mini-Challenge

My second mini-challenge will run from now until 08/07/08, which is when we leave for vacation. The theme of this challenge is Next Steps. I need to get through the next steps of each of these quilts to feel like something is happening.

1. OC – top done
2. CC – top done
3. Batik Lover’s quilt – top done and sandwiched. I had to withdraw this one from my quilt show earlier this year because it wouldn’t come together. Now that I have gone through and cut from every milk crate, I have put all batik scraps I could find in one spot to finish off the piano key border. Also, one of the blocks in the swap was horribly made, so I will remake that one so the top looks proper.
4. Red Fence Rail – I started this one in the early 1990’s when Ted and I were dating. I have since hosted a log cabin round robin to make a log cabin red back so that this one will be reversible. The goal is to finish both tops.
5. King Center – I have made a 50” center for a scrap quilt for our bed. (We have one on the bed now, but in winter, we need more.) The goal is to sandwich and quilt this center.
6. Super Secret King Center – This is for an online friend. I need to make the 50” center, sandwich it and quilt it. The goal is to run the construction of my King center and her King center concurrently.
7. Xmas Sampler – A few years ago, I did 2 blocks of the month from 2 different stores. I made one block in Christmas fabrics of each block so that I would have 24 blocks done and then I need to make one more, set them all on point, etc. The first goal is to finish the blocks. I am more than halfway done. The second goal would be to finish the top.

Meanwhile, the following remains undone from my first mini-challenge:

Lasagna #2
Brownies Quilt
Baby Boy Quilt
P&P wedding gift
Joyful quilt

This makes 12 projects to work on in the next 7+ weeks. Plus there are a few small things I would like to do. I need some coasters for work that are thematic. I would like to make a few more dresser mats like the little red mat, which is really just making a glorified placemat. I would like to make 2 bags for swimming class, so that after we come home from swimming, the bag and all of its contents can just be dumped into the washer. Plus I need to complete 18 chiclets blocks per quarter. And I did actually make enough pinwheels to make 2 P&P, so to finish off that second one would be a nice bonus.

I am going on a 4 day retreat July 31 – Aug 3. My goal is to take all of my Christmas fabrics (a Rubbermaid tote), buy some WOW or something and make a Blue Ridge Beauty. That’s all I plan on bringing to that retreat.

My last goal of the year will be to finish these items. I will be in class at the point this challenge starts, so no thought is a good thing. God help me if Bonnie does another challenge.

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