Monday, June 16, 2008

Sunday's baby steps

Well, for the first time what seems like forever, I stepped into the family room to sew. After the ironing board disaster, I went and bought a cheap cover at Target. Well, the soda got into the bottom casing of the iron which is open because the cord winds into there. So now the new cover has soda spots on it. Whatever.

I cut 10 2” strips of cream and then picked out the blues to go with and got a few things sewn together.

I would hope to sew tonight, but I have part 3 of the root canal, so I will be sedated come this afternoon and that will carry me through until the morning. Tomorrow night we have swimming so maybe I can get down there to sew later on.

Ted figured out why I’ve been so tired. Work for me has really picked up and I have not had that happen in a very long time. So now I need to adapt. It’s good to at least have a reason as to why it is happening!

I’ve already listed my sewing goals, but now a mini-goal is to get the wedding quilt done before I leave for California in August.

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