Saturday, November 24, 2012

6 weeks left

I think there are about 6 weeks left in the year.  That's fine by me.  Here's where I'm at and where I'm going.

This weekend, since I had 4 days off in a row, I made it a mini-retreat after Thanksgiving dinner.  I had 3 tops finished and backing and batting at the ready.  I have already sandwiched 2, quilted those 2, trimmed those 2 and I have the binding attached on one.  One more binding to attach.  These are not tiny quilts; one is 60 inches square (the 30s quilt) and the other is 72 by 90 (the St. Pat's quilt).

The third quilt is the Christmas 2 BOM, which has languished most of Renee's lifetime.  The top is done and I have the back, etc, but I haven't sandwiched it yet or anything.  The reason is that I have no idea how I am going to quilt this one.  The other two I had a plan; this one I got nothing.

So tomorrow I hope to attach the second binding and prep binding handwork kits for all of the TVs.  I also hope to at least sandwich the Christmas 2 BOM quilt so that I can see it to get ideas.

I also plan to clean my room tomorrow.  The great bookcase swap outlined a few posts ago got hijacked for a better idea.  So Ted implemented said idea.  And that meant he did stuff in our room.  And now I must clean it.  So they will go see Wreck It Ralph while I clean.  Trust me, this works for all of us.

So of course Bonnie's mystery just started.  I want to do it, but need fabrics.  The LQS is having a sale next weekend, so I will be a bit behind when I start but that's OK.  I also want to make a modified version (3/4 scale, only 3 columns) of Old Tobacco Road and I want to get all 4 sections of my Orca Bay sewn together.

I keep moving forward with my BOMs and I want to complete the project for the one that I will get the last block for next weekend.

I have decided to do some sort of row quilt / lasagna quilt / 1600 jelly roll races quilt with the leftover Christmas fabrics.  I want to be done with these fabrics.  Trust me, I need to be done with these fabrics.

The yellow quilt languishes on.  Just work with me on this.

So my idealistic year end list:

Done done
St. Pat's
Yellow LCRR
Old Tobacco Road
Batik BOM
Christmas 2 BOM

Tops done
Orca Bay
Easy Street
The Dashing Bachelor, a Christmas mystery

So that's like a finish a week.  No big deal.

I also finally bought some dies and mats to use with my Baby Go.  I am keeping all of the scraps from these quilts aside so that I may process them right away.  I know I need 2.5 inch squares for one thing and 2 inch squares for another.  I have a Drunkard's Path die to make turtles.  I have the value die to cut some other stuff up for a charm quilt or something.

So yeah nothing big going on.

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