Friday, November 25, 2011

Machine Woes

There are 4 machines in my life (actually 6, but the other 2 don't have names...).

Old Betsy is up at Kim's.
Ed has just arrived back to me after Kim had him serviced at some place on Harlem that someone swore was wonderful.
Ruby is my Janome Gem that I dropped off today for servicing.
And Edd (yes, it's an Ed thing - points if you get the reference) is in the garage.

Since I just dropped off Ruby today, I've been using Ed. And man is Ed a mess. It's like he was never serviced. He has 22 stitches - now only 2 work. And this evening tension problems decided to rear their ugly heads.

As Flo would say on Good Times - damn damn damn.

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