Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gearing Up and Winding Down

Well, I've decided to try metal bobbins in Ed to see if it helps, as the machine came back to me with a metal bobbin in it. That seems to mitigate the problem. I've also messed with the tension more than I ever care to.

I now need to find a sewing machine repair place nearby.

I did indeed finish up my swap and get it mailed. I found the pattern that I needed for 2 little gifties I need to make. My BOM is up to date. So I've started Orca Bay, with green where the black goes, so it's a Green Bay and not an Orca Bay!

I've decided that each week, I will do each step plus 50 from step 1. That will keep the sewing sane.

I've also started revamping the sewing area, which is being done in conjunction with the revamp of the family room (all of us have our hobbies in the family room - it's a zoo). Ted and I talked it through and we have a plan. Now to work the plan.

Today I've started project restock the deep freeze, and so off I go to package up 5 packets of pork chops bought in bulk today.

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