Sunday, April 03, 2011

Yep, I Did It!

I did indeed go downstairs yesterday and clean out my quilting area. DD and I watched an episode of Survivor on the Tivo while she played Wizards 101 on the PC and I cleaned up. She helped me with getting underneath things, as little block pieces had escaped into little nooks and crannies everywhere.

I put the RRCB (Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville fame) in one bag, and put everything else into another bag. Then I made a pile of the stuff that I listed yesterday and I'll just work on that pile.

I forgot one small thing. Judy over at Patchwork Times is doing a monochromatic challenge and I'm doing my own twist on it. For whatever color she pulls for the month, I'm trying to do 10 matchsticks from Bonnie's Bricks and Stepping Stones pattern. Then by year end I'll have 120 matchsticks ready to be set into a quilt, plus I already have a few extra in the storage place. It will make a nice charity/donation quilt of some sort.

I also ordered the KS Troubles fabric I need for my Buck a Block BOM.

I also went ahead and went to the LQS yesterday with DD in tow. I bought 2 FQ for me, 2 for her, 2.5 yards from the sale room and 6 skeins of yarn from the sale room. Here's where everything is going to go:

2 FQ for me will go toward the Sisters Choice pattern (I already have 2 FQ and will buy 2 each month) for the 9 patches.

The 2.5 yards from the sale room is an 1850's pink that will be the corners to make the stars for the Sisters Choice blocks.

(Lest you wonder, I ordered a package of 2.5" CW shirting strips a while back. That's the rest of the Sisters Choice block fabric.)

DD will take her 2 FQ and do whatever. We'll most likely figure out what whatever is this summer.

The blue fuzzy yarn will become a fashion scarf. I think I may knit this one.
The pink satin ribbon will become a fashion scarf. I most likely will knit this one.
The pink/lavender/white matte ribbon will become a fashion scarf and I have started to crochet that with hdc stitches.

And I've spent enough money and now I'm organized. Today I go to the quilt show and then study more insurance. (I know, I just don't stop with the education thing. Even my boss gives me shit about it.)

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