Friday, February 04, 2011

Ready for the Weekend!

Not too much this first week of February. I had 1.5 snow days, so in that time, I worked on killing one scrap bag. I made 14 string blocks. I will keep working on those string blocks as time permits so that I can tame the ziploc bags of scraps. I think I have about 14 of those bags. And no, the string blocks did not empty the bag; I was able to force the remaining contents into an existing bag.

So for this SuperBowl weekend of nothingness (I swear I have no interest in the game), I need to figure out what I am working on. Options include: 600 HSTs for RRCB, quilting the XO quilt and finishing that sucker off, the peach LCRR, and/or Ericka’s baby quilt. The apron is a requirement. So that must be done.

Basically I need to have something ready to hand-bind next week while I keep working on cleaning out my tivo. So I am working on knitting two fashion scarves, hopefully a quilt binding and my homework. I start crochet class on Tuesday!

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Lori said...

you're a hard woman to backtrack--but I bet a few logs might look familiar! Yes, it was a RR. That quilt is WORN. Scrappy is my favorite kind of quilt. send me your "real" name and email--LOL!