Saturday, September 25, 2010

Do Over (and over again)

So THIS Friday, I again got off work early. This time it was for the Homecoming Parade for the high school. They just dismiss everyone, so everyone can go. I took Renee and we had a nice time and she got a ton of candy. Please note that the junior high band can march or play but not both at the same time.

So after the parade, we sped up to Washington to the LQS for the BOM. My block was done. I was good to go. I had my birthday coupon and everything! We get there, buy fabrics for a dresser mat, some fun yarns on sale, a Dresden rule and the BOMs. And then we went off to Holland's Mercantile, which is ice cream, old school penny candy and unique toys. And we then drove home.

So I then get online once we get home to start the stalking process for the matching Kansas Troubles fabrics I will need. Except the BOM packets are nowhere to be found. ARGH!

So this morning, after dropping off some supplies at a Girl Scout thing, I went yet again to the LQS and got it all squared away. And this evening, I found 3 fabrics that I needed and found the SKU numbers for the other two. I'm trying to keep my KT supplemental purchased to about $20 per month, so it can wait another month. Plus the shop I like to use for such purchases is out of these old KT fabrics.


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