Sunday, September 19, 2010


Laura Ingalls Wilder once wrote that ambition is a fine servant but a poor master. I don't care what she wrote; all I know for sure is that my ambition has left the building. I think this is a condition known as senioritis.

My friend Tracy and I have a debate due on Tuesday and pretty much by her sheer will (and lots of adrenaline on both our parts), we will get it done. WE worked on it for the better part of 4 hours already today and no doubt she and I will work on it more this evening. This is my penultimate presentation in grad school.

My sewing ambition went out the window along with my power outage on Friday. I still have not sewn my BOM block. I hope to sew it this week and run up to the shop either on Friday or Saturday. I plan on taking this Friday afternoon off so that I can take DD to the homecoming parade for the high school. They are dismissing the entire district for it, so I figured why not.

All is not lost. Bernina has put out some fun pink yarns for this year's pink month in October. I bought a ball of Chick, which is a bubblegum pink eyelash yarn and I knit a fashion scarf during our roadtrip yesterday. It's longer than I am tall, but it does what I need. So something creative has been accomplished.

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